Booking Flamenco


"Flamenco con Magdalena" is an educational and performance based program of authentic Flamenco inspired by the source, Andalucia. A dancer, teacher, and choreographer who lives part time in Southern Spain, La Magdalena promotes awareness and appreciation of the more traditional themes in Flamenco music & dance. OLE!

~Arts in Education
~Full Length Performance
~Corporate Events


With their dynamic, colorful energy and authentic costumes Flamenco con Magdalena can provide a customized show filled with unforgettable, exciting moments. For more information / booking please call or text 917 346 3988.


A seasoned teacher for over 20 years, Magdalena can also bring Flamenco to your private or public school, dance academy, or studio. For a list of places where Magdalena has instructed in the past, see HERE




To book Flamenco con Magdalena please call 917 346 3988.