Class Descriptions

Flamenco dance classes in New York City and Washington D.C. with Flamenco-con-Magdalena! Study with authentic Flamenco performance artist "La Magdalena", who offers intensive workshops, private lessons, and Flamenco dance classes in NYC, and the Washington D.C. area.

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Private Instruction, Small Group Lessons, Coaching, and

Specialized Workshops available



Prepare for Feria! This regional dance of Seville is performed in schools, parties, weddings, bars, and of course the annual Spring Fair. Danced in four short sections called coplas, Sevillanas are known for their charismatic, lively gracefulness. Each copla ends with a sudden stop as dancers strike a pose, inspiring the audience to shout ¡Ole!  Beginners will learn basic steps and how to join in the fun with palmas and jaleos (shouts of jencouragement), while more advanced dancers will practice what they know and make it look good on stage or at the next fiesta.







Flamenco brought to you straight from the source, Andalucía! Learn palmas (hand clapping), "taconeo" (footwork), and the lyrical arm & hand movement- called “marcaje” -which accompanies traditional flamenco. Train your ears along with your body by exploring the rhythmic patterns of the "compás." Enjoy music and experience the culture of Flamenco. Whether you'd like to perform some day, or just get a good work out… join us! Simple, lively choreography will be taught in the form of "Tangos." 










At this level students continue polishing their basic skills by coordinating strong footwork with an expressive upper body. Emphasis is on building posture, endurance, stamina, and strength through an intense warm-up routine followed by short pieces of choreography in various palos.  

Minimum 6 months intensive study or instructor permission is required.  






INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED: Develop individual style and strength. Focus is on respectful accompaniment of music which is the essence of Flamenco. Escobillas, marcajes, remates, etc. offer chances for problem solving while also encouraging confidence in traditional and clear movement. Discover your ”soniquete!”  Strongly recommended in combination w/ “Compás” class. Minimum 3 years experience required.





Compás & PALMAS:

EVERY FLAMENCO PERFORMER IS A PERCUSSIONIST!  Palmas are the glue that holds Flamenco music, song & dance together.  In this class Magdalena cracks open the mystery of the compás. Students at all levels explore the various sounds, rhythms, effects, and subtleties created just by clapping their hands together!!

•Play strong palmas
•Recognize the difference between the "palos" (forms)
•Get comfortable with "contratiempo" … from finger snaps to footwork!
•Explore musicality in a casual, fun environment. 

Musicians, Aficionados, and Dancers Welcome.  




Challenge yourself to the max! This class drills technique for a steady 90 mins. Get strong by building stamina in both upper AND lower body. Bring your H20 and yes- be prepared to sweat. 🙂 














Pa rrrr i a pi ta! Learn to play "los palillos" – Castanets are a percussive instrument used in both the Flamenco and Spanish Dance repertoire. Students learn basic skills to gradually create the roll sound. Beginners learn to coordinate simple arm movements and marking, while those more advanced can practice their Sevillanas

Note: Castanets may be purchased at  MENKES or LUTHIERS in Manhattan (Tell them Magdalena sent you!) There are also several pairs to borrow in class, first come first served.   








Ideal for intermediate through professional level dancers who want to perform on a regular basis. Dancers take turns running their solos while classmates learn to play correct palmas. Goal is to keep material fresh and ready to perform! Also during each class a section of the Flamenco con Magdalena repertory will be broken down in order to refresh students’ memory for upcoming shows, and incorporate new appropriate level students. If you are interested in the class please contact Magdalena.