"Ole ole maestra gracias por abrirme al mundo del Flamenco y aprender apreciar lo bueno…" Greta

"Your classes are awesome and I'm hooked!!!" Juanita

"…Emocionante, las tres guitarras, el taconeo, las palmas sordas … el genio, la brujeria y Olé – Eres fenomenal!" Auri

"You amaze me at your ability to connect with so many people in such a personal way. What a gift to be able to change people's lives, bringing them life and joy." Estrella

"… que bien bailar en tu cursillo… me motivaron y me emocionaron de nuevo al baile.." Rico

"Thank you so very much for sharing your vibrant energy with us. It is rare to find someone so gifted in their craft and equally excellent at teaching…" Cherie

"… The power in your dancing reminds me of Spain and inspires me to put more strength and confidence into what I'm doing." Rebecca

"Gracias por su ayuda. Su paciencia hacia conmigo me ayudó a buscar paciencia hacia mi mismo.." Pepe

"Sore muscles, sore brain, but I am completely delighted! La Magdalena's intensive has broadened my understanding of Bulerias exponentially. Very satisfying!" Milica

"You exude natural ease with students, you create camaraderie within the group, you observe how best we are absorbing and try to discern why and if we are stuck, you remind us of the intersections of dance and form and rhythm and cante and teach us where our steps falls within the arc of the dance, you tailor your speed to your students… you craft explanations that are crystalline" Susana

"Thank you for taking the time to explain the cultural significance of certain movements & gestures. It is deeply helpful to make all those connections and understand a bit of the history…" Jessica

"…. You explain Flamenco very clearly and with a terrific sense of humor… You're a fantastic teacher and an inspiration to me." Rosanita

"You made feel so good yesterday! I love your teachings, keep up the good job!" Carmen

"… This was a very powerful experience …" Safiya

"Thank you so much Magdalena!!!  I'm starting to feel a tiny bit more coordinated… I will be in class as much as possible! You are a fabulous teacher!"  Shana

"… Looking forward to June like a kindergartner going into first grade." Lisa N.

"… You are a patient teacher, and sublime dancer… I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to Flamenco class!" Olymar

"…Your enthusiasm and energy as a teacher is inspiring…" Sabrina

" Te escribo para dejarte saber que me encanto tu clase… Realmente eres la profesora que andaba buscando." Denisses

"Thank you for being you and teaching me something that really has become a huge part of my life." Eduardo

"The compás class is such an amazing concept and you execute it so well. I loved looking at my classmates as a way of learning. This style feels so intricately linked to Flamenco roots as I understand it now…" Susanne

"You bring the soul of Spain to our laps and it's so wonderful…" Olivera

"… my husband and I surprised everyone with the flamenco/Bhangra routine at an event a few days before the actual ceremony…it was a lot of fun 🙂 Thank you again…you are such a fantastic teacher. Can't wait for class to start!" Rohini

"I think you're an awesome teacher! You have a great technique that I hope to obtain some day…" Xianix

"Loved last night's class. I enjoyed the hands and arms exercises especially, and getting them to work at same time as the footwork… to really look like a flamenco dancer in the upper body as well as the lower… your direction for guy's hands… Eres muy buena profesora!" Tony

"… learned so much in three days it's mind bogglingly awesome!!!!!!" Alena

"…Your presence brings me back to the time I visited Sevilla." Yuko

"…por cierto, me encanta tu clase. Eres muy buena maestra y muy divertida." Alda

"Thank you for your "flamenco spirit" which clearly resonates with your audiences…" Jeanne

"I look forward to coming to class everyday to the point where I'm itching to put on my shoes and start dancing wherever I am" … Nina

"Thank you so much for teaching me for the last 6 unbelievable months… It was always challenging and rewarding at the same time. I never thought I would perform on stage as a beginning student. But you made it happen….!" Paulo

"….it felt great to dance again… Your drive, passion and enthusiasm are admirable and inspiring…" Laura R.

"Thank you for your patience and care with us. So much fun, so gratifying to do… " Liora

"Loved class last night… So appreciated how you saw to every student, made sure all got the material and how you kept the class moving." Viola

"…flamenco brings a new dimension to my life …" Maria

"Thanks again for such a wonderful summer. I had a fantastic time – I’m definitely continuing with ganas into the year!" Veronica M.

"…before taking flamenco, when I'd go running or do yoga, the activities didn't have much meaning for me – but now I do these things in the context of dance… and I enjoy them much more now…Thank you for being such an inspiring and wonderful teacher…" Natalja

"HAVING SUCH A GREAT TIME! I love these classes." Janara

"THANK YOU for everything you give all of your students, including (and especially!) your little beginner birds! What a joy to be a part of this community – so supportive, inspiring, and bold! This really feels like the beginning of a long and addictive journey…"   Beatrice

"Today was SO fun! It is exciting to feel and see the progress." Tamara

"I've been observing instructors, and am very glad to have found you!" Laura C.

"…Contigo es imposible “no aprender”, contagias la pasión por tu arte." Mini

"My sense of rhythm and understand of compás has improved dramatically thanks to you."  Carlos G.

"…admiro mucho la voluntad que tienes para enseñar a otras personas este arte tan hermoso, eso me inspira mucho." Fabiola

"I really loved the palmas class!… Can't get enough and can't live without it" Sonita

"Thank you so much for the … palmas and compás. I have a wonderful time being in your class…" Peter

"[your classes] have been inspiring and informative. Thank you for your beautiful supportive spirit!" Ulla

" …the private instruction yesterday made my whole day. You are so very talented. Thank you for dedicating your life to Flamenco." Nuria

"I didn't realize how much I missed dancing and performing but you have certainly reminded me… I can't wait for you to come back to the States again!" Emn

"Gracias Magdalena por los cursos, has traido un poco del soniquete y del duende Andaluz a Nueva York…" Marysa

"You are an amazing teacher… Flamenco is beautiful, I will love it all my life!" Marketa

"I really enjoyed the cless on Sunday… You are pure poetry in motion …"

"… I love the rhythm, its passion and complexities, the drama, intensity…Will see you soon!" Daniella

"Me encanta lo que haces, tu estilo, tus coreografias, tu forma de transmitir y sentir el flamenco." Grichelly

"… I so appreciate your blend of precision and kindness in class…I really really love flamenco- I can't believe it's taken me this long to find it!…" Emilia

"I always wanted to dance and you gave me the push to get out there… Gracias por el cariño, el apoyo, el empuje y el animo que nos brinda siempre." Rosa

"… You are an inspirational person and I am blessed to have found your instruction… "Angela V.

"Es la primera vez que recibo clases de este hermoso arte. I'm very glad I found you. You are truly amazing!" Jennifer W.

"Thanks to you for giving me the attention and challenges I need in order to improve! It feels so good to be dancing again." Alexandra

"… I've been so excited to attend your workshop and meet you and all of the fantastic students… " Julia K.

"…As always, your class made me feel inspired and happy. It's great having [live guitar] – you've made it challenging enough and absolutely beautiful. You can be sure that I sign up for every session you offer!" Katri

"I've learned so much in the last three days, both technique and choreography. [you have] a great way of explaining things, energizing the class, and seeing exactly what kinds of adjustment or advice each individual needs…" Julie P.