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Shoes, Skirt, Music and More + Where to Study in Seville! 


SHOES and SKIRTS: For your first class wear a close fitting top or leotard, long flowing skirt, and closed shoes with 1-2″ sturdy heels. (no sandals, sneakers, or stilettos!) Character shoes, if you have them, are preferred. After that, you will want the “real thing” – here’s where to go in order of availability: MENKES, 250 West 54th St. (Mention you’re a student of Magdalena’s for discount) SANSHA On Stage Dance Wear on Madison Ave, and FREEDS of London in Long Island City, Queens. Flamenco practice skirts are available at most CAPEZIOS . Polka dot or solids on line at Discount Dance. Lastly, here’s a new skirt maker located in Boston Living Flamenco

Feeling daring and want to order shoes on line? Begoña Cervera, Senovilla, and ArteFyl

A NOTE ABOUT SHOE FITTING: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR NEW ZAPATOS FIT SNUGLY. They should grab your foot for support! (Don’t worry, with enough practice they break in)

MUSIC“Flamenco Connection” carries much of the music we listen to in class. If you’re in NYC, here’s our local Spanish LUTHIER, also selling castanets, books, and music. Also, visit the sponsors of our yearly Flamenco Festival, … and support the World Music Institute. Lastly, don’t forget to listen to lots of FLAMENCO RADIO!

CASTANETSLUTHIERS has a wide variety of castanets, and sells lots of Flamenco and Spanish Guitar music too. Call ahead for hours. MENKES, at 250 W54th Street, sells a smaller selection of castanets as well as skirts, shoes and accessories for Flamenco class and performance. Have fun- it’s like being a kid in a candy store!

COSTUMES: Check out RIVERS EDGE DANCEWEAR (Always be ready for the next show!) This site offers shawls, tops, skirts, scarves, and lots of color combos. Also try this store in Sevilla: E-MOLINA… and here’s another on-line site for skirt and costumes: StarStyled 



THE FLAMENCO PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT  – Keep an eye on Steve Kahn – NYC and California based guitarist & photographer. He’s involved in some incredible work – see for yourself!

Tao Ruspoli – flamenco filmmaker extraordinaire- has his entire film on youtube. “Flamenco: A Personal Journey” was his first feature film (completed in 2000,) and is a rare look into the world of the flamenco way of life. Part one is here: part 1 and you can follow the whole film from there.

Artist Interviews, Biographies, Materials for classDe Flamenco, Flamenco-World, and Es Flamenco are the three major ones.

Here’s one woman’s tale of her journey to the legenday del Gastor family, via instructions on a napkin. Dorien Ross‘ flamenco novel of magical realism, Returning to A is an incredible story.

Some terminology: Learn the phrases, expressions, and basic Flamenco Vocab you need to communicate with classmates and teachers. Check out Jose Merce’s Diccionario Flamenco.

Your very own dance floor: Practice your steps on a few tiles from the Jubilee Dance Floor Company. These can be purchased in 2′ x 2′ tiles. Great for warming up before a show, or in your kitchen. Also try  Tappin’ Dance Floor



Pastora Galván teaches at a studio in her house on calle San Luis. This native Flamenca is traditional yet creative, feminine yet fierce,… and gaining recognition as one of the top new dancers of her generation!

FAMILIA FARRUCO Classes with the whole family. Don’t miss the opportunity to study Tangos and Buleria with La Faraona, Seguiriya and Soleá with Farruca! Alegrías con Farru! Vueltas y pies con Farruquito.  Stay in touch with Dailiris by joining “Flamencos por el Mundo”  – also check out  who’s teaching at “Tu Punto Flamenco

Flamenco Ados is Isabel Bayón’s headquarters in Triana, with A/C and comfy floors, and of course, Isabel Bayón!

Estudio Flamenco Antoñete is a fabulous new school in the Macarena (toward Alameda). Dancers like Ruben Olmo (primer bailarín del Ballet Nacional) and Juan Ogalla teach there on a regular basis. Check it out- studio rentals and showers too!

Yolanda Heredia offers general and BATA de COLA classes. Click HERE for an interview with this fascinating flamenca, and see this YouTube clip for a glimpse of her Bata class!

Centro de Arte y Flamenco de Sevilla Run by dancer Miguel Vargas and singer Esperanza Fernandez, this academy offers song, dance, & guitar training under one roof, plus studios for rent! 

Matilde Coral may not be teaching anymore, but her many great guest artists carry on her style and tradition. All the best dancers have passed through her doors.

Various local artists give class at the new ASÓMATE LOCAL FLAMENCO.  (plus El Lebrijano stops in once in a while …)

Soraya Clavijo has won awards for her saucy Bulerias. Check her out here and here for some Solea por Buleria. Soraya teaches in various studios in Seville.

Juan del Gastor teaches guitar while his wife, Lucy, teaches dance. A friendly, extremely knowledgeable duo to help get you started “bailando al cante”

The amazing bailaora Angelita Vargas gives her wonderful workshops in the three forms she is famous for- Tientos por Tangos Solea, and Seguiriyas! Ask around for her once you are in Sevilla!

Get your flamenco chops up! JUANA AMAYA gets your heart pumping, your feet flying, and your head around lots of important concepts in Flamenco. Plus, she usually has cante, guitar, or cajon accompanying class. Calle Juan del Castillo (Barrio Santa Cruz)

Sassy Pilar Ortega is now at Juan Polvillo’s studio on Calle Sol. Pili sets amazing, challenging choreography and will sing all the way through.

Jerezano magnifico Andres Peña teaches periodically at Manolo Marin’s former studio, Academia de Manuel Betanzos , c/ Rodrigo de Triana 30.

Academia de Alicia Marquez has been one of my favorite places to go for a daily work-out, flamenco style. For all you morning people there is Bata at 11a.m!

Peña Cultural Flamenca TORRES MACARENA, c/ Torrijiano, 29: THE place to check out local talent- established and upcoming. Special Workshops, Festivals, Fiestas every month!